Producer: Steans Beans

North of the Rift Valley The Sakami farm is creating "agroforestry" by intercropping macadamia trees between coffee (hand picked by women), protecting all indigenous trees in and around the farm, protecting the wetland by not interfering on it, leaving natural bush sections in and around the coffee trees, having beehives around the farm, and avoiding the use of pesticides or herbicides. All "waste" such as coffee pulp and macadamia husks are fed to earth worms and worm castings are returned back to field as manure or used to make foliar feed. Water from pulping and washing the coffee is treated in a settling pond with lime and then used to irrigate the pasture below the ponds. Next to all this, Sakami uses mineral fertilizers to replace the nutrients taken away when harvesting cherries. Growing Region North of the Rift Valley Shade grown Green grown Organic Mountain Coffee. Harvest Method Hand Picked Altitude 800m Processing Washed & dried in the sun