About Us

About us.

We are an artisan coffee roastery located in the heart of Kilmainham D8, in IFSC Square D1, with a newly opened shop on Upper Baggot Street D4.

Here at Cool Hand we believe that specialty coffee isn’t just about superior coffee quality, it’s also about supporting communities throughout the supply chain whether that’s between farmers and importers, importers and roasters, and baristas and customers. To provide customers with the perfect cup of coffee, we trace the whole process from the country of origin to the very last drop of espresso.

We conscientiously select the best green coffee importers from around the globe, while ensuring that our farmers are paid fairly. At the end of the production line, we honour their hard work by carefully hand roasting the beans in store,

Our team maintains the ethos that coffee is an experience, mission and lifestyle. Our roasters and baristas work hard to consistently produce quality beans and espresso to our valued customers, in the hope that they enjoy coffee as much as we do.

Coffee is more than a caffeine boost in the morning, it’s a way of life!